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+Our new hats are here! We are launching them and will embroider all the initial orders and ship them out by June 12. All orders will be made, but only the best sellers will go forward being offered on the site. All new hats are available in black white, or Khaki with black stitch.+

What can be used as a response to a myriad of questions, situations, scenarios and settings, this phrase is one that really needs that proper tone, inflection and delivery to get your point across! You see a cute dog on the street? I MEEEEEEEEAN. You see an old flame who has let them self go... I MEEEEEEANNNN, your waiter delivers the perfect chips and guac to you and your friends, I MEEEEEEEEAN! We provide the vessel, how you choose to deliver the statement is all up to you!

One size. Spot Clean. 


Embroidered in the USA.

MSRP 30.00

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