If you have ever worked a trade show, or more importantly, a season of back-to-back trade shows, you know how important allyship is. You see the same faces as you travel from city to city, slanging your goods for buyers, accounts and stockists. Amongst the sea of reps, designers and agents, it is important to seek out a friendly face--one you can count on as the trips become long, and eventually you need a bathroom break and need someone to watch your booth for buyers! (Inevitably the buyers always come the second you leave! EVERY DAMN TIME!) This is how I met Michael from Wyeth! A friendship blossomed during trade show after trade show and the rest is industry history! Michael brings to his work a quiet, steady energy that is charming and at once chaotic! Hats are stacked up, clients are qued up to write his brand---and he just rolls ahead at his pace of calm. His brand is relaxed, a bit boho, a bit vintage---and very very wearable. Over the years, we have became friends....and at these above mentioned shows, he has actually gotten me to go to dinner several times-----something I never do! (ROOOOOMSERVICE OR WHOLEFOODS! That's my travel mantra!)
We have been buying Wyeth for our stores and site for years--the Long Beach based headwear brand is an easy sell alongside IB. The two brands share a similar sense of irony, a casual approach to trend, and are often found in many of the same accounts. In 2022 Michael and I started discussing a small collaboration--a way to marry our brands in a capsule collection with high summer in mind.
We set to work on the pieces for the capsule, wanting to create something that spoke to summer travel, road trips, or spontaneous quick adventures. Pieces you could toss in an overnight bag and head out the door at a moments notice. For our footwear pieces--we created all the sandals in the South of Spain, working to create a relaxed vibe, focused on comfort and the ability to dress them up or down---pairing them as you wish--allowing them to become your summer faves.
The Wyeth pieces are exactly what you would expect from the effortless, and perfectly styled brand! Show stopping pieces with fun details, oversized trims, topless wide brimmed hats, and the perfect woven buckets. The marriage of the two brands is easy, symbiotic and fun. The capsule collection is now live on our site for your shopping pleasure. Here's to high summer, a celebration of long days, fun weekends, and friendship! Shout out to the crew from WYETH for making this possible!