Intentionally Blank




Do you know those certain songs that they play at wedding receptions that literally bring everyone to the dance floor? Maybe it’s Kool and the Gang, maybe it’s Snoop, maybe it’s Britney...the one’s where drunk groomsmen dance with Grannies and then end up kissing their best friend under a disco ball? Sound familiar? You are like those power anthems, your charm, universal appeal and banging personality literally bring everyone up, on their feet, and begging for more! I suggest chapstick, cause ya gonna need it!

Each pull over undergoes a double wash process to give them a truly vintage feeling, worn in vibe and vintage hand. In the dying and overdying this may create some variance in the color and feel.
  • Unisex
  • Embroidered and dyed in LA
  • Super soft cotton blend
  • Limited edition colorways
  • Models are wearing a large

Any item sold at a discount greater than 30% is not refundable/returnable. 

Color: Orchid

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