Intentionally Blank




You are like a netflix show I will binge watch all night, staying up until 3:30 on a work night, shoveling snacks into my trembling mouth, promising that each episode I click on is the last. Meaning, you are addictive to others, your charm is contagious, and you don’t judge me when I am on my couch covered in crumbs, surrounded by assorted beverages at 3:30AM on a Thursday. Thank you for that VIRGO, but mostly, thank you for you.

Each pull over undergoes a double wash process to give them a truly vintage feeling, worn in vibe and vintage hand. In the dying and overdying this may create some variance in the color and feel.
  • Unisex
  • Embroidered and dyed in LA
  • Super soft cotton blend
  • Limited edition colorways
  • Models are wearing a large

Any item sold at a discount greater than 30% is not refundable/returnable. 

Color: Mykonos Blue

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