We are all about having a casual cowgirl moment---no matter how you like to do it! For pre-fall, we are launching several styles on pre-sale that tie into this vibe and play on different west coast inspired trends. From 90's inspired pony hide boots, our signature MOO print pony hide bad gals, pointy boho inspired ankle boots, and 90's inspired platforms, we have got you covered. Shop this short turn pre-sale, now live on our site,  and  goods will be shipping out in the coming weeks! 
Style BANKS is our newest western rocker style that we are launching as an IB site exclusive. Created in Spain, just for us, this low slung Chelsea boot comes in four
over-the-top prints, all executed in pony hair with soft, padded leather lining and the perfect heel/toe shape combo.
To round out our west coast inspired vibe, we are dropping two boots on this 90's inspired base. The DRUE and MARLOWE are made in Spain and insanely fun. Style them up, get wild, do what you want in these super versatile bad gals!
Check out the pre-sale shipping dates on each item, as we are loading goods, and receiving inventory every week. We are so excited about this launch of new goods, and we push into a new season.
Shout Out to Jarae from @blacmagic_woman for our pre-fall collages!

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