Many years ago I lived in the Pacific Northwest, in a small town near the US boarder of Canada on the Washington side. In this time, I heard of a small new store that had opened in Seattle, and I drove down to check it out at the first opening in my calendar. I remember the experience of shopping at this first tiny, dark, basement launch pad that was BLACKBIRD and then all the different incarnations of the store and brand. I still have some of my original purchases. BLACKBIRD was an early comer to the game of mixing mens labels in a way shoppers stateside had only been able to find in NYC. Mixing hi-to-low, street, indie, up-and-coming International labels, all under one roof, while aggressively taking that vibe on line in a site format that read more like a magazine than an online shop. A s you can imagine---I am a fan, and am honored to be carrying their scents and incense in the shop, and on our web shop. 






We have stocked the store and site with the strong and memorable incense cones and a small selection of best selling spray parfum. The scents are strong and unique, not overpowering, but instead allowing the mind to wander as the scents take you to places you have traveled, imagined, or dreamed of going. The scents have a global feel to them, and as with much of the content known from BLACKBIRD, have just the right touch of dark somberness to them. We are elated to have them on hand at our Los Angeles Location.


From their site:

Blackbird is a dimension all its own, a playfully imperfect experiment in which you are the final ingredient.

Established in 2004, originally as a menswear store, Blackbird evolved over time into a fragrance design house specializing in perfumes, incense, bath and cosmetics. The brand is known the world round for its forward-thinking concepts and creations.

Blackbird's founder and Creative Director, Nicole Miller, is the guiding spirit behind the brand. Nicole approaches design from a place of boundless curiosity and fearless ingenuity, gently bending the rules to reveal what has not yet been seen. Her collaborative spirit is manifested in all that Blackbird produces, and she brings to life a world that invites the end user to participate.