You know the feeling you get when you reach into a coat pocket that has been in the back of your closet---and there you find a crumpled up 20, just nestled in the pocket. That warm sensation you get when you see it unfold in your hand and you feel slightly rich and very lucky. That feeling is you. If you could bottle that emotion, making it a scent,  it would be PISCES Perfume. In short, work it like your shit don’t stink, little  lucky fish, cause you are on a roll!

Each pull over undergoes a double wash process to give them a truly vintage feeling, worn in vibe and vintage hand. In the dying and overdying this may create some variance in the color and feel.
  • Unisex
  • Embroidered and dyed in LA
  • Super soft cotton blend
  • Limited edition colorways
  • Models are wearing a large

Any item sold at a discount of 30% or greater is not refundable / returnable. 

Color: Orchid

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