12534: HUDSON NY

Dear IB Fans, Friends and Clients!

I left Brooklyn six years ago and started a new life in California. I was ready for a change and fell completely head over heels with the idea of juice cleanses, taco trucks, long sunsets and succulents everywhere. Los Angeles is where I started my brand, and built myself up from just a few google docs, to where we are now. My time in LA has been amazing, but I feel the strings of the East Coast pulling me back! It was the tug of these strings which lead me to Hudson. Nestled in the Hudson Valley, just a 90 minute train ride into The City, I know split my time between LA and this quaint upstate community. It is with great joy and pleasure that I announce our new store is open.



Nestled at 238 Warren Street, the small shop is the perfect addition to the block of longstanding boutiques, a huge selection of vintage home stores, and amazing cafe's and eateries. I am also residing on the same street, making my commute to work a short jaunt with time for a coffee and some chats with neighbors along the way. Creating a store in a small community is not something I am a stranger too, and it is a feeling I am ready to jump back into. I am very excited and look forward to meeting our clients who come to Hudson for the weekend, for a holiday or who already live upstate and will eventually stop by and see us!


Shout out to all the amazing people in Hudson who have stopped by to wish us well, as opening during a pandemic is clearly not ideal, we appreciate the strong sense of community and support. Now, let's sell some shoes!

With thanks,

Ty McBride

Founder/Creative Director

"INTENTIONALLY _________."

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